Muirfield Village Welcomes LaBar Golf Renovations to Make Changes After Two Major Televised Events

“Muirfield Village Golf Club is hosting both the Workday Charity Open (July 9-12) and The Memorial (July 16-19). On July 20, the crew will welcome LaBar Golf Renovations and celebrate with some major changes to the course – mostly greens, but some tees and fairways. Leibold Irrigation will mobilize and start irrigation work and TRW will run the installation of the PrecisionAire system. It’s go, go, go.”

To prevent the course from peaking early, the LaBar Golf will be applying plant protectants, growth regulators, and nutrition for the playing surfaces. It’s important that the course turf remains healthy and withstands two major tournaments in a row. July is known to cause heat stress, so LaBar Golf is coming at just the right time.