Pinehurst Golf Resort, Course Number 10, Fairway looking at green

Golf Digest: Pinehurst No. 10 “unlike anything I’ve seen”

Excerpt  from Golf Digest, April 4, 2024. By Derek Duncan.

I got to play Pinehurst #10 – it’s unlike anything I’ve seen

Pinehurst never stands still for long. The history of the North Carolina resort is one of continual expansion and evolution, and the last 15 years have been especially consequential, culminating with the opening of the newest course, Pinehurst #10, this month.


#10 is the first newly constructed 18-hole Pinehurst course in nearly 30 years. The Tom Doak-design is located on a 900-acre parcel of land the resort acquired in 2010, three miles to the south, branded “Pinehurst Sandmines” (there are plans for more amenities, including cottages and another course by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw). Parts of the site were an old sand mining operation that went defunct in the 1970s, leaving behind quarries and excavated sections littered with conical spoils that have revegetated with wild underbrush and pines.

The land is the show…As the broad, canted fairways slip over humps and ridges it’s difficult to tell what was created and what wasn’t. The green complexes, however, are products of imagination.

#10, tasteful and aesthetically laid out with surprising moments of unorthodoxy, changes that. While there are some discordant notes (the 15th, playing across a water feature with repeating moguls along the bank, a lone pine remaining on the shore and a dizzying green with a cupped front section would be at home on any Jim Engh course, and the floating, fractured green at 17 with the swooping front right tongue brings strong Mike Strantz vibes), its middle holes alone from five through 14 make it a design of consequence. Book your tickets now.

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